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24. British-Filipina 📍PH. 🇵🇭 Actress / Host / Performer / Author new single ~ #SigeNaPlease ⬇️


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Yassi Pressman

looktest: @killathedachshund as Yassi Pressman ~ in her everyday mood. 👏🏻


Yassi Pressman

My first ever Coastal Clean Up... It was very sad to see all the dead fish, and so much of our trash in the waters and on the shore, but i tried to look at the brighter side and say that there STILL is HOPE. I'll post more about it within the week, luckily we had this program documented, at ishshare ko po sainyo ang pagtutulungang naexperience po namin ngayon ❤️ sana pag napanuod po natin ay makahanap pa po tayo ng iba't iba pang mga paraan para makapagrecycle ❤️ Haven't been active on Youtube for almost a year, but this is something that needs attention. Thanks @angiemeadking for inviting me, Thank you @planetcora & another big big biiiig thank you too ~ to all of the volunteers who helped out today! almost 200 daw kami! I'll let you know how much garbage we weighed in my VLOG very soon. Let's all help #Reduce, #Reuse & #Recycle! ✨ (check my IGstories for more)


Yassi Pressman

I always pray for the strength to accept the things that I cannot change, and the courage to change the things I can. ❤️✨


Yassi Pressman

& on days i condition with Creamsilk ~ my curls disappear 💁🏻‍♀️ (which is most of the time) smooth, shiny and healthy hair all day. 👏🏻 ~ ramdom: there was something about the word Black today... in my dream.. in my impromptu surprise BLACK workout that my friends brought me to third-wheel in 😂 and in my outfit, shades and haircolor... hmmm, i wonder what else the word will bring me today. whatchuthink? ~ @creamsilkph 💁🏻‍♀️


Yassi Pressman

My sleepless 6:30am Sunday Workday "Fresh out the Shower" look ~ care of my new babies from @in2itph 💄 ft. my sugat sa ilong! hahaha! & the cutest Personal Assistant our bouncing baby girl @laiza_yassi 😝


Yassi Pressman

Danced to #Senorita today on #ASAPNatinTo for Kopiko. ☕️💃🏻 Thank you for all your tweets and comments! xxxx, big love. -Yass ✨


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Yassi Pressman

ONLY the best for me, and only the best for our barkada! Gusto mo rin ba ng the best? 🍕 GREENWICH ALL-IN OVERLOAD naaa! @greenwichpizza


Yassi Pressman

what an awesome team, i'm honored to be working with greatly talented people. i'm so excited, hbu? #TAPES soon on iWant


Yassi Pressman

uyy, ayaw magsmile. 🐒 here's a rare sungit banyo selfie and #OOTD telling u my secret soon..... ⏳⌛️⏳


Yassi Pressman

more family happenings in Cafe Gray & deep conversations in our sweeeeet suite, seriously..... lets just take in that view 😍❤️@theupperhouse_hkg #Our10YearJourney #TUHTurns10 #TheUpperHouse #SwireHotels #TheHouseCollective